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What’s Your Personal Brand?

Hi everyone, It has been quite the month since I last wrote here. I have been kept busy with a myriad of topics and stories ranging from MERS to polio to the pollen vortex and even the decline of bees. … Continue reading

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Be Wary of Ideology

Although rare, the act of sharing science with the public will embolden certain people who are not amused with the information presented and choose to express their views.  When this happens, such as the cases of climate change, evolution and vaccines, … Continue reading

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Never Stop Asking Why

The curiosity of children is endless and so are their questions.  Amid all the attempts to assess and analyze the world around them, none is as confounding as the incessant interrogation of a single question… No matter how convincing the answer, one … Continue reading

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A Tremendous Honour For The Germ Code

Hey everyone, This is a short post and I promise I’ll get back to the series on #sciPOP soon.  Right now, I just wanted to share some news I received today. The Canadian Science Writers’ Association is a national organization made … Continue reading

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Rescued by a Dark Knight on my Island Escape

Originally posted on Pharmistice:
I stand in the middle of my own island while the lens through which I view the world zooms out, rising upward into the expanse of the grey-blue sky above me until I am but a…

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For Pleasure or For Pay…

Last week, I was given one of the greatest honours an author in Canada can have.  I was invited to the headquarters of Canada’s largest bookseller, Chapters/Indigo, to talk about The Germ Code and to sign the wall of fame. … Continue reading

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On the Tenor of Titles

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that in the academic world – and many other worlds – reliability and trust is dependent not on your abilities, but your title. Are you: A doctor? A lawyer? A CEO, CFO, COO, … Continue reading

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On Scientific Story Re-telling

It’s been close to three months since the release of The Germ Code and I continue to be overwhelmed by the positive reaction to the tome.  It’s been an incredible experience and I am truly grateful. Admittedly, the attention to … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Sewage and health: an opportunity for change

Hey everyone, Over the last few weeks, I’ve been happy to have a spirited discussion with one of my colleagues, Keith Bell, who is with Sanitation Circle, which is devoted to the promotion of dry compost toilet technology.  I’ve asked him … Continue reading

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Taking Germs Back to Ottawa!

Well, since the launch of The Germ Code on November 5th, it has been quite the ride.  As of today, the book is the #1 bestseller in Basic Sciences on and listed as a Hot New Release as you can see … Continue reading

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