As little as a year ago, the concept of doing a blog was outside anything I would have imagined. After all, the only writing I did was scientific with a few screenplays thrown into the mix.  I had never expected anyone other than perhaps a few hardcore microbiologists and infection control practitioners to even care about the work that I did, let along take a few moments out of their day to read it voluntarily.  But for some reason, thanks to some prodding from some very good friends (I’m looking at you @finola), I realized that maybe my words may count for more than points on the web’s user statistics.

The question was then really, what impact could I have?  With millions of blogs out there, what would make me important?  Sure, with the support of the media, I’ve been fortunate to have have gained popularity here in Ottawa and at times nationally and internationally. But honestly, what would make my 250-400 word sharings special?

But today, thanks to a great mentor and I hope soon to be friend, Melissa Galt (@ProsperbyDesign), I realized the answer: you make it special.

Just by reading this blog, you make it important.  By sharing it with others, you make it even more relevant.  Because you understand what I know to be true.  The world isn’t only about germs, yet without germs, we wouldn’t have a world in which to live.  You get that germs, bugs, microbes, etc. touch everything on earth at one time or another…and as just as important in space and perhaps other planets as well.  And you realize that we all need to work together to make the world a healthier place, even if our tactics may appear to be non-traditional or controversial.

And, as every business knows, there has to be a Return on Investment for your time and clicks.  And my ROI to you is that I will keep this blog:

1. enjoyable to read;
2. not overly scientific (although I will retain all rights to be a geek);
3. useful as a resource to share good information with others;
4. personal, so that you can get to know not only the “Germ Guy” but also the rather unique person named “Jason Tetro” that sits at the computer reading, writing and typing.

I’m really excited for what’s to come.  I hope you join me in both the journey and the joy.