I’ll admit it…I fell for it.

But you can’t really blame me.

Last week, Charlie Sheen, amidst all his problems, struggles and outlandish behaviour, somehow managed to find his way into the schedules of several national interviewers and introduced us to a stream of phrases that went more viral than some pandemics.  He also found time to introduce himself to Twitter, gain well over 2 million followers and popularized several new hashtags including #WINNING!, #tigerblood and #Gnarlington.

While many of these actions, termed “Sheenanigans” have been ridiculed and condemned by the media, there has been one valid fact that cannot be denied…

He got people talking.

One of the reasons I love writing this blog (and I’m sure I’m not alone amongst bloggers) is that I absolutely love to get people talking.  Whether it’s unwashed jeans, magazine bans or the G20 protests (a discussion on vaccination), I enjoy both the comments here as well as the private feedback.  It drives me to want to write more and to get more people talking. I’m even working on a novel means to democratize knowledge to not only inform but get the public engaged in germ-minded business.

And yet, nothing I’ll ever do could ever match one word: WINNING!

I learned a long time ago that when you’re faced with a challenge that seems overwhelming and maybe even insurmountable, the way to succeed isn’t to find a new way, or an unconventional way.  Sometimes, the answer should simply be, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

And so, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, I’d like to offer up some new hashtags that I hope will catch on like Mr. Sheen’s and perhaps go just as viral.

#WASHING! – This is the ultimate state of health and hygiene.  When you’re in that zone of total cleanliness, just say this word (pronounced “Wah-SHEENG” with the mandatory head turn for emphasis) and the world will know just how pristine you are!  And if you’re not feeling sanitary or even are in a situation where fresh is just not possible, just say the word and it’ll all at least feel better.

#NurseBlood – This is the power that runs through the veins of anyone who has no fear of infection, disease, or any medical condition that would make even an undertaker cringe.

#Healthington – This is the place where good health resides.  Everyone wants to be a part of Healthington but only those who really take care of themselves are allowed to enter through the gates.

#Bi-Washing – This represents the time when you not only wash your hands with soap and water, but you use hand sanitizer as well…you can’t get more #WASHING! than this.

#Hygeians – These are the people whose Herculean efforts have brought health and hygiene to every nook and cranny of our society from the shopping mall washroom to the intensive care room of the hospital to the classroom.

#Archimedage – This represents the ultimate level of WASHING! Anyone who can bring people to accept and adopt health and hygiene practices on a large scale deserves to be called an Archimage!  There are only a few in the world but with any luck their numbers will grow.

I honestly hope that you enjoy these new terms and you do get a chance to utter/type/share them.  And please…if they do catch on, let me know.  Because at the end of the day, if everyone is WASHING! then we’re all…well, you know…