The Education of Germs…

I received a note this morning from a colleague, Tim Handorf, at Best Colleges Online.

They have written a rather excellent blog post looking at the places on campus where you might find germs and how to best protect yourself from gaining more than a higher level of education.

I read the article and just have to share it with everyone here.  It gives a rather interesting perspective on day to day life and how each student has to pay as close attention to their health as they do their studies and extracurricular activities.

And besides, where else can you read about the dangers of “Beer Pong”.

Beer Pong

So head on over and enjoy the post:

The 20 Germiest Places on a College Campus

And, as always, I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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One Response to The Education of Germs…

  1. Patricia says:

    Seems Like the “Window” to a “Higher LEVEL” of ‘Thinking’ has been OPENED
    AND ‘Well-Thought’ out *******
    “APPLICATION” ofcourse is entirely up to US ALL *** (need I say more?)
    You, Jason, have “Touched” on some of these “Aspects” ***
    I remember our Mutual Friend’s comment:
    “He thinks an ANGEL came down from Heaven to do ALL the Cleaning” etc etc etc *******
    Maybe she’ll be ‘Gleeful’ to Read this ??? (tongue-in-cheek) ******

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