Since the amazing response to the “Ottawa’s Germiest Places” series, it’s been a whirlwind of meetings and discussions and offers.  Unbeknownst to me, it seems that the message is spreading about germs and that more people are paying attention.  Based on the experience I’ve had, there’s really only one way to describe the climate now:


And I think they are about to get even hotter as their increasing role in our health continues to be understood.

The following is a perfect example.

If you get a chance, please read the article which I’ve attached below called Microbes and the Mind.  Hopefully I haven’t broken any copyright laws.

Microbes And The Mind

It’s essentially a discussion of how germs and the immune system play a significant role in the way our mind acts and how sometimes a mental or cognitive problem may have a more germy-related cause.  Now I should say that this has been known in the germs circles for some time but we’ve never been able to get funding for research as it was never really considered to be worthwhile.  If I may get a little political here:

It’s time to overturn that ideology and lobby our politicians and funders to do the same.

From a personal perspective, this article highlights how we all have to think about our health as a part of our every day life, and not only when we have a case of the sniffles or diarrhea. There are many other problems associated with infection and compromised immunity and we should take this into consideration when making our own hygiene decisions.

I also admit that while I tout handwashing and #handhygiene as the means towards better health, there are even more ways to stay healthy through different routes of hygiene, from nutrition to metabolism to simply knowing when it’s time to slow down.  In this world of 7 billion people, we’re all going to have to improve our health individually and not always rely on the rescue of our health professionals.  It’s really up to us to make their lives easier.

Let me put it this way, life is a great road trip and should be the best experience possible. But with every turn we make, there’s a toll we have to pay.  The question is whether you want to take your own route as the driver or simply declare yourself a passenger and let someone, something or some germ decide your future for you?

I know my answer.  What’s yours?