Are you ready for some football?!?

How about #handhygiene?

And a contest!!!

I’ll be conducting an experiment that I hope will merge the two in a unique way.  I’ll be launching three Super Bowl ads that focus on #handhygiene and hopefully bring a smile to everyone’s face.

It started a few months ago over a drink with my friend and colleague in fundraising assistance to companies and other groups, Jason Gilbert.

We call our team, JSquared…

We sat down and wondered how we could develop an ad campaign that was both a public service announcement and also a humourous look at #handhygiene.  It took a few weeks but eventually, we came up with the idea of a world in which hand sanitizers never existed.

Over the last few months, we prepped, storyboarded and got some great actors who were more than happy to help out.  Will, Jane and Julio were fantastic and gave us exactly what we needed on camera.  From there, the editing, the music (public domain of course, we’re not rich) and the plotting went on.

Last week, we had our final discussions and decided that if we were going to make the launch as good as the videos themselves, we needed a platform.

Lo and behold! The Super Bowl.

Of course, we couldn’t actually air them on network television (that whole ‘not rich’ thing again) but we were not to be beaten.  Instead, we decided to do our own version of Super Bowl ads and then release them during the game.

I’ll be mentioning the videos on Twitter and Facebook but if you want a better sense as to when they will be released, I’ll give you a quick rundown here.

The first video, entitled “Elevator” will be launched right after the national anthem.

The second video, entitled “Office” will be available at the end of the first quarter.

The last video, entitled “Lunchtime” will be online at the end of the third quarter.

These videos are intended to be a fun way to raise awareness of #handhygiene and the idea that hand sanitizers are indeed a useful way to help when we’re faced with surfaces that well, normally are not cleaned with soap and water (BIG HINT!)

Now here’s something real cool.  Deb Canada Hand Hygiene has posted a contest for those who comment on the ads.  You can read more about the contest at their Facebook page:

Until tomorrow…here’s to great anticipation…and a world that has hand sanitizers!

And good luck!!!