Less than 2 hours until the national anthem and the launch begins!  I’m so excited!  I’ve heard from people from England to South Africa to Australia and everyone is anticpating the videos.  This is going to be great!

I want to make these videos as available as possible so I’ll be posting them in the following places:

1. Here on my blog as an embedded video

2. YouTube

3. Facebook on Deb’s Contest Page

4. Facebook on my own personal page

5. Twitter and LinkedIn as links back to my blog.

I should also mention that while I love comments here, I would suggest that you take the time to make a comment on the Deb Contest Page so that you qualify for the contest prize.

Finally, those who have seen the videos have asked me to pass on one more little note.


Okay, that’s all I’ll say.

Here’s to a great Super Bowl and I look forward to hearing about the ads after they are released!

P.S. If you’re reading this after the Super Bowl and missed them, don’t worry, they’ll be staying up for quite a while.