It’s Sunday!!!

The big game is hours away as are the #handhygiene ads!  Don’t forget that there’s also a contest for the best comment on Deb Hand Hygiene’s Facebook Page:

So, while the anticipation grows, I thought you might like a video I made back in 2004 in support of a friend, Karina Bergmans, and her art project known as “The Lost Mitten Project.”

The video is here: (the link to the site is here)

Lost Mitten Project Promotional Video

This video helped Karina to position herself for an Ontario Arts Council grant and she went on even further to have her own installation at Ottawa’s winter festival, Winterlude!

For the record, it was -26 degrees Celsius that day (-15 degrees F) and it was a race to decide what would freeze first, the camera or the cameraman!

I hope you enjoyed this little video and look forward to the main attractions later this evening.