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About two weeks ago, I was asked to provide a guest post for the Talk Clean To Me blog. The blog is hosted by Professional and Technical Services (PTS), a group made up of experts in chemical disinfection for infection prevention. These are the people that know how to kill the germs that make you sick.

They’re also known as the Clean Freaks.  

The basis of the blog post was a question that they face on a regular basis.  It’s also similar to one that I am asked time and time again in public and in the media.  In the 21st Century, where media information can get overwhelming and messages tend more to conflict than agree, how can we best be safe?  Do we need to panic and disinfect every surface after seeing news clips about the germiest places around town?  Do we need to use antibacterial soap or will just plain soap do?

“What does clean really mean?”

I took a few days to think about it and eventually came up with a story that initially talked about the history of trash, disease and the effects of poor health information.  I then followed it up with the fact that the only way civilizations managed to get clean was through the genius of experts.  Depending on which society, which age and which expert, clean meant something a little different.  In essence, cleanliness over history was based on the situation at hand.

But that was then and this is now.  What is the answer in 2012?

You’ll have to read the blog post for that.

So, please click on the link below and let the PTS people know what you think.