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A few weeks ago, I took my trusty germ detective kit (otherwise known as a cooler) and headed into ‘la belle province’ of Quebec, specifically Montreal, in search of germs.

I joined the wonderful team at 24h, including the incredible Stéphane Alarie (seriously, this guy’s career is amazing) and the beautiful Sarah Bélisle (herself off to an incredible career).

Stéphane Alarie                Sarah Bélisle

We ventured into the subways, airport and one of the universities in the 514 and I performed my customary swabbing of 40 surfaces, including the hands of a wonderfully polite student on strike.  Thankfully I managed not to get arrested (long story) and returned to the lab to find out what germs were lurking in plain sight.  I also solidified a new name, Monsieur Microbes, adding to The Germ Guy(TM) and that other name that will be revealed later (see my previous post for more on that).

The story was released today and you can read about them below (although you may need Google Translator).  Each story has a different take but as always, the message is the same.

  1. We are not at war with germs; we co-exist with them
  2. Germs are everywhere
  3. Keep good hygiene
  4. Don’t panic!
The photos and videos of me in Montreal were done by Sarah who braved the cold and/or the watchful eyes of the public while those in the lab were taken by Chris Roussakis, an incredible photographer and someone I would recommend without hesitation.
Okay, here are the stories…


Journal de Montréal:


I hope that you enjoy the articles and the photos.

As always, I would love to hear your comments.