If you have been following my Huffington Post articles, then you’ll know that my writing there has transformed into a combination of fun as well as entertainment.  I have had nothing but great success and have learned so much from just the short amount of time there. That being said, I am so happy that people are checking out my site here and continuing to gain from it.

Now I want to take this blog to a new level…

I want to take it to the highest of heights!
I want to spread the germy goodness to the world!
I want to impress the man who represents journalism at it’s best!

I want to take it to…

  Oh, yes, I said it…


This past week, a call for blogs was made by the Anderson show and I couldn’t help but put this blog in for consideration.  As required by the call, I believe this blog is quirky, based on an unusual topic and most of all, fun!  I know it would make for a great segment and possibly even give me the chance to expand my television experience into New York.

So why am I announcing it here?  Because I could really use your…

For those of you are in the know, it’s the Beatles’ symbol for HELP!
(though if you know your semaphore signals it’s NUJV)

Many of you have been kind and gracious enough to comment on my posts and I have appreciated everything.  Now, with a possibility for an Anderson appearance, I’d love to hear from everyone.

So, if it would not be too much of a bother…

I’d love it if you could leave a comment to say a
few words about why you like my blog. 

I should say one final thing.  I’ve actually met Anderson and respect him like no other journalist.  He is a true example of a renaissance man in the media.  I would quite enjoy having the chance to meet him again albeit wearing better clothes and better hairstyle.

It was dang hot in New Orleans!

But most of all, it would be great to see someone who has led as an example for me in making sure that while I inform and educate, I also make sure to entertain and engage.

Thank in advance for your NUJV…