New City, Same Germy Fun…

Hey everyone,

As some of you may have seen, I’m in the process of moving from Ottawa to Toronto. I’m in T.O. now and starting to settle in.

I’ll have more to say on the move and the reasons for it later but wanted to share the news and also my excitement for what is to come.

If you are in Toronto and want to meet up or have any great places and/or events to share, leave me a comment below.

Have a great week ahead!

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5 Responses to New City, Same Germy Fun…

  1. ” Pray TELL ~~~ WHAT ‘Excitement? ‘

    “Manifestation” ah~~~~~~~~ the Magic WORD *******

  2. Theo Bromine says:

    Sorry to hear you’re leaving Ottawa – best of luck in T.O.

  3. YES Theo !!!

    Jason has been ‘part-of-the-landscape’ since we moved out to Ottawa from the Boonies aka Northern Manitoba !!! ( 9 years old) and ‘PART of the Furniture’ at UOttawa !!! I am Grateful to Dr.Sitar for Being such a Wonderful Mentor to/For Jason !!!
    Maybe One day Jason’s Book will do the Same for All Future – any-field – Budding Scientist !!!
    With the “Space-Love-Ins’ going on with all these School Bairns – NO ONE should be allowed to cut off that ‘Magnetic-String’ to “Reach-for-the-Stars” — there’s enough of that going on among ‘supposed-educated-Adults’ !!!

    Jason’s Mother !!!

  4. Julia Serradilla says:

    Toronto is great! I will introduce you a couple of friends through fb.

  5. Anouar says:

    Hi Jason,

    We do not know each other. My name is Anouar from the Netherlands I would like to contact you with regards to your article in the Canadian Huffingtonpost titled “The Household Item That Could Have Cystic Fibrosis Patients Breathing Easy”.

    Unfortunately I was unable to find any other way to contact you directly, therefore I am trying it through your Blog, I hope you do not mind?

    At your convenience would you be able to contact me via the email I have used to write this comment.

    Appreciate it. Thanks in advance and looking forward to your reply.

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