Last week, I had the opportunity to write about the recent bee losses that have put the food industry on notice.  You can read it here:

It generated quite a bit of response and allowed me to explore the topic even further on radio and also internet TV.  I thought I would share these with you to see how one small story can lead into a rather large discussion.

Here’s one of the dozen or so interviews I did for radio.

And here is an interview I did while presenting at a conference.  I look a bit haggard as it was a long day but I hope the message came across clearly.


One of the most interesting aspects of the journey was the fact that each interview, whilst having similar trains of thought, allowed me to explore different horizons, from the use of natural means to prevent pests to the concept of GMBs – genetically modified bees.

What also made me smile was the fact that the journalists were all engaged.  We may not think much about bees but when it comes to our food security, there was nothing but interest and also a search for options.  There was no condemnation or even fear mongering.  The discussions were all positive and not once did I feel there was an angle presented that would lead to further unwarranted political or ideological debate.

While I am happy that I had this chance to share, I am even happier that despite all the harangues about the media at large, those who interacted with me were fantastic and adhered to the respect and conduct that I have grown to love from them.

Maybe I’ve just been lucky but after six years of being “The Germ Guy” I am grateful for the kindness shown to me.  To wit, I hope that one day, I can join their ranks to explore The Germy World and The Germ Code as a host of a news or reality-based program, either on radio or TV.

Would love to hear your thoughts.