Well, it is finally here…


After almost two years to the day that I first walked into the offices of Random House Canada, the book is finally available.

It has been a long journey and I want to thank everyone who has supported me, both personally and professionally.  I am truly grateful for all the encouragement, discussions and at times, advice as I wrote, re-wrote and then waited.

There is one professional organization I wish to thank for their collaboration and financial support over the year and especially since I left Ottawa.


Bio-K Plus International

Over the last few weeks, I have been in discussions with the company and have reached a collaborative agreement to help improve our relationship with germs through the evangelism of good germs, specifically probiotics.

As part of the collaboration, I will be using this blog as a resource for information on probiotics.  The goal will be to answer questions that I face continually when I’m out in public as well as shed light on issues that are either groundbreaking or muddled in debate.  The information will be based on scientific literature and articles that one can find using PubMed (many of them will be free too).

As per the collaboration, when there is the opportunity to demonstrate Bio-K Plus as an example of the facts presented, I’ll be making the connection.  While this shouldn’t come a surprise, there is obviously one question that arises as a result of this announcement:

Why Bio-K Plus?

The reason is quite simple and yet for me, imperative for any association.  The company and its staff regard research as paramount and will not make any bold claims without ensuring there is ample evidence exists.

To epitomize this, they have conducted several clinical trials and continue to work scientifically to demonstrate the benefit of the product.  Also, they are the only probiotic company in Canada with an actual Health Canada claim.  Having been in the regulatory world whilst at my previous position, I understand just how tough that can be.  But most of all, they don’t extrapolate their data or its interpretation, which is rare in the corporate – and to some extent even in the academic – world.

In the coming weeks, the blog posts will start to appear and I would ask that you check them out for two specific reasons.

First, I would like to know how the information comes across and also if it is useful.  I always enjoy feedback and will always listen and reflect on any comments that are made.

Second, and more importantly, I want you to hold me accountable to the data in relation to Bio-K Plus.  While I believe in the product and also know that it works (I use it regularly), I don’t want this site to be an advertisement.  The research is the most important factor and I want to be sure that this holds true, regardless of the sponsor.

If you have any comments, I would love to hear them.

As a final note – for all the microbiologists and germs enthusiasts out there – if you happen to find something in the book that strikes you as interesting, make sure you send it in an Email to me at thegermguy@gmail.com. After all, when it comes to “Golden Eggs”, you don’t want to share them with everyone.