Well, since the launch of The Germ Code on November 5th, it has been quite the ride. 

germ-codeAs of today, the book is the #1 bestseller in Basic Sciences on Amazon.ca and listed as a Hot New Release as you can see above!

For all of you who have purchased the book, I am so grateful! For those of you thinking of buying it, check out this Stellar Review in the Toronto Star.

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As part of the promotion for the book, I headed back to Ottawa and was immersed in what eventually became a homecoming for me.

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It all started with a giant feature on me in The Ottawa Citizen which was fantastic although I wasn’t made aware that I was also on the front page.


While this may seem extremely exciting, it made for an interesting morning.  I decided to head down to the restaurant for breakfast prior to getting dressed for success.  When the people at the hotel were surprisingly nice to me and calling me by my first name, I started to get a bit nervous.  It was a concierge that pointed out I was on the front page of the paper.  Needless to say I escaped back to my hotel room and didn’t leave until I was ready to be seen in public.

Over the next few days, I had some incredible moments but none were as special as my return to CTV Ottawa where it all began.  I did the morning show where I talked about our relationship with germs and even toasted them not with an adult beverage but a bottle of my favorite probiotic drink.  You can see the entire interview here after the advertisement:


But the real treat came when I returned to CTV Ottawa News at Noon where it all began back in 2008.  It’s been close to 6 years since I first sat in the studio taking calls from the public.  The moment was both amazing as well as emotional.  I had to hold back a few tears during the two segments with Leanne Cusack.  It was without a doubt the high point.

Here are the two segments:



Yet that was not the end of the festivities.  On Wednesday, I had the chance to take germs awareness to Parliament Hill for an event I dubbed #GermsOnTheHill.


I went with a few colleagues and showed off some of the ways people could improve their relationship with good germs.  I was visited by MPs, Ministers, Senators and a number of staff, each of whom was happy to share their interests, stories and support for the work I am doing as The Germ Guy.

Twitter1bb7a92_jpgHon. Dr. Carolyn Bennett & The Germ Guy! 

The event was organized by the Honourable Dr. Carolyn Bennett who was at one time considered the Minister of Handwashing and I am eternally grateful to her.  But it wasn’t just a red-coloured event.  Amidst the dozens of visitors, other friends such as MP James Lunney from the Conservatives and MP Peter Stoffer came.

jason-lunneyDr. James Lunney & The Germ Guy!

Peter Stoffer (he was camera shy!)

What took me most by surprise was not the amazing cordiality and grace shown to me and my colleagues by the members of the Hill but that many were aware of the need for good germs and probiotics.  They all appreciated the concept of a better relationship and how we should be getting closer to good germs in order to improve our health, our environment and our economy!

There was one other surprise.  Many of those who visited knew of one of the products featured, Bio-K Plus.  In fact, there were times where my colleague, David Christie, was more popular than me with the various Ministers and MPs that visited.  It was almost surreal to see their knowledge and support for the probiotic.  There were going to be quite a few happy guts that night!

jason-david-lunneyDavid Christie, Dr. James Lunney and The Germ Guy!

Alas, it was all too short a time and I was rushed off to the airport even as I was having an awesome chat with the Honourable Maxime Bernier.  Yet, even as we departed, I managed to say hello to a few more members who knew me and left feeling completely enriched.

There are a few people I need to thank in addition to those I’ve mentioned.

  • While I was there, my guide and confidante, Jennifer Tiller kept me sane and warm throughout my stay.  She also kept everyone in line and never left my side.  Thank you!
  • My good friend and at times partner in artistic crime, Jason Gilbert, was a great companion and helped me stay grounded even when it seemed like I was going to end up in the stratosphere.
  • My esteemed colleague, Cathy Stafford with whom I’ve worked on grants, events and what I like to call bad germs removal activities (ahem!) was the perfect event organizer and made the event on Parliament Hill look and feel like a reception.  If you need someone to make an event come to life in Ottawa, give her a call!
  • I have to thank the University of Ottawa Press and Dr. Robert Smith? for organizing, hosting and carrying out the great Zombies vs. Germs event.  We had such a blast and I honestly believe we could take the show on tour!
  • Finally, I need to thank my brother Matthew Tetro who only saw me briefly but gave me such wonderful words of kindness and support.  He’s also a translator although instead of science, it’s English and French.  If you need anyone to give your copy the same kind of engaging effort as I do, you have to give him a call!

As always, would love to hear your thoughts…