As you might expect, the last few weeks have been rather busy for me. The rapid expansion of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has led to dozens of interviews and several column entries.

I have to say, I am so pleased with and thankful for everything the media has done to help keep the calm.  I take each and every appearance seriously and make sure I do my best to move the mellow momentum forward.

One of the most fascinating parts of being given the opportunity to talk with the media is the continuing merger of microbiology and everyday life.  While these topics are not making headline news, there are several ‘big idea’ questions I find come up in behind the scenes.  The queries are fascinating and I believe are well worth addressing.

In light of this, I would like to know:

Needing a LIKE for the sake of Global Health

 What are Your Big Idea questions on the topic of germs?  

Are there any issues you feel need to be better understood to improve your lives?  How about the planet?  What about technology?

I’ve written and spoken on many of them and I’ve heard from many of you already.  A list of some of the questions follows:

  1. What are probiotics and how do they improve my health?
  2. Why do my kids always get sick and why is this a good thing?
  3. Why are we obsessed with a germ-free world?
  4. Are germs the way to make better medicines?
  5. Is it true we can use germs to improve mental health?
  6. Can we use germs in place of fossil fuels?
  7. Will germs help to save the environment?
  8. Is climate change fixable using germs?
  9. Could germs help us live on other planets?
  10. Will we ever have the killer pandemic?

These are just ten examples but I know there are others.

So, while I continue striving to spread the good germy word – and deal with all the questions relating to the Ebola crisis – I invite you to put YOUR BIG IDEA GERM QUESTIONS below in the comments or send them to me in an Email – As always, it’s

Looking forward to hearing from you…