Hey everyone,

Before I get to the videos, I just want to share this image I received on Saturday with you. While it doesn’t seem like much, it is for me a moment to truly enjoy.


This is the Canadian Non-Fiction Bestseller list from last week and as you can see at #7, The Germ Files had an amazing debut. Considering the topic is about a subject generally considered nothing more than a niche of the sciences, I couldn’t be happier!

Okay, moving on…

I know I’ve been posting videos regarding #TheGermFiles on various social media platforms but thought I would try to compile them in one spot.

It first started with a promo for the book. I made this a few months ago with my friends, Sean Webb and Jay Trout. Fantastic gents with some amazing skills…

When the book came out, I was fortunate to appear on several television broadcasts. I had a wonderful time with Canada AM talking about good germs…



Then it was off to The Social, where I had an absolutely hilarious time with the hosts and the audience. Not only did we have some laughs, there was also some good information shared!



Then there was The Agenda. I really had a great time talking with Piya Chattopadhyay who really took it down to the most basic levels of why germs matter to us.

jason-agendaTHE AGENDA

I have to honestly give a HUGE thank you to Sharon Klein at Penguin Random House. She has been my biggest supporter and done all the work to get me on the radar of these shows long before I was in the studio. It meant I was given the rare opportunity of simply having to show up, enjoy the makeup brush, and then have a lovely chat with the host(s).

I hope you enjoy these segments and as always, if you have any questions, comments, or thoughts, let me know in the comments.