Most people upon hearing the word, tea, think of this…

teaA nice cuppa!

But the giant tea company Tetley, wants you to think of tea in a different light. They recently began an exploration of tea technology and uses over the coming decade. They’ve aptly named it…

future-tea1(hashtag included)

You can read the entire concept here:

Some of the ideas seem based in the current coffee culture and the rise of do-it-yourself wellness. But some are an apparent throwback to traditional medicine with a modern twist.

For centuries, medicinal teas have been used to help manage and/or cure diseases of all kinds. They may not have been as effective as today’s medicines but research has shown many blends did have chemical constituents capable of alleviating certain types of ailments. An entire branch of scientific research continue to learn how the remedies of the past have value today.

But Tetley wants to take it one step further. Instead of going the traditional route in which a healer determines the best concoction for the right symptoms, the company proposes, well, this…

tea-future-2A personal remedy tea-making machine.

The concept involves reading personal data, such as vital signs, to determine if there are any problems with overall health. Then, using a computerized algorithm, the right mixture of chemicals can make the right brew for you. Add in some medicinal ingredients and the concoction can deliver remedies without the need for a pill.

Of course, this may all seem like science fiction and the company admits this is a look forward to 2026. However, some of the technology is already in place. One such example is this…

A wearable vital signs sensor

This small but powerful band was designed to help monitor people during the Ebola outbreak in Africa. The device can track a number of parameters including:

  • Heart rate
  • Pulse synchronized oxygen saturation
  • Temperature
  • Respiratory rate
  • Depth of respiration
  • Motion/position

The information can be sent to a computer via USB however a Bluetooth version is in the works. You can read more about the technology here:

Just imagine if the computer receiving the information was contained within the tea-making machine. The result would be akin to a personalized traditional healer (in digital format) able to provide the right combination of herbs, medicines, and fluids.

Now of course, there is one obvious question not addressed in the document…


Would you trust a computer with your health?

Finding the answer to this question, I’m afraid, may be no cup of tea.