I received a note earlier this week about a disconcerting trend in hand hygiene. It seems the bar soaps are becoming less popular. While there are many reasons, one has to do with the fear of germs on the bars themselves. You can read the report here: Slippery Sales For Bar Soap.

While I had thought of writing a rant to refute the claims, I realized the long weekend might not be the best timing for a negative vent. So I sought to channel the emotion into something more constructive…and so I present a short, sweet, Shakespearean sonnet…

ivory-bar-soapThe Plight of The Slighted Soap Bar

One day I happened to browse upon the world wide web;
Hoping to read several stories in delight;
But a report from Mintel made my joy sharply ebb;
And I became more and more uptight.

The tale talked of bar soap, our old trusted friend;
But many apparently considered it a troublesome bane;
There were many a reason for this unwelcome trend;
Including a rather malicious and undeserving stain.

Many people now fear these bars are covered in germs;
They believe the risk of infection is high;
Yet a study – see here – reveals in no uncertain terms;
No threat to their health is nigh.

Sadly, I fear, we may not be able to turn back;
For it is hard to change behaviour in the midst of such meritless flak.