Over the last decade and a half, one entity has arisen from relative obscurity to being one of the most feared threats. Teams have come together to try and defeat this incredible opponent. Officials have tried to slow down the seemingly indomitable force. Yet, each and every time, failure is the end result and millions are left with what could be described as an itching feeling. It has become clear that when it comes to battle, you simply do not mess with…

(Bill Belichick!)

There is, of course, another threat that emulates the relative craftiness of the head coach of the New England Patriots. This one, however, casts a much wider net across the globe and leaves many more people suffering in its wake. I’m talking about…

mosquito (The Mosquito…)

This small insect has quickly risen to become one of humanity’s greatest public health concerns. Granted, for most of us, the annoyance of a mosquito bite is similar to watching the Pats win yet another Super Bowl…it’s temporary and eventually goes away.

mcnabb(Except maybe in the case of the Eagles…)

Heartbreak aside, for millions around the world, the mosquito situation is far more dire. A single bite can lead to a life-threatening illness. The problem has become so bad that this insect has become recognized as the world’s greatest killer…

deaths(Sorry sharks…)

For years, researchers have been trying to figure out how to stop the mosquito from causing so much trouble. Spraying pesticides has been an old-time favorite but this has proven to be inadequate. Attempts at using natural mosquito killers such as wasps and bacteria may work but they are not widely supported by the general public.

More recently, another approach has shown promise. Instead of focusing on killing the insects, some scientists have attempted to take out critical molecular components needed for reproduction. By genetically modifying these regions, females can be rendered infertile.

In essence, these researchers are trying to take out what I like to call the…

brady(Tom Brady Factor)

The process is rather straightforward. Mutations are incorporated into one generation of mosquitoes such that they simply cannot use the genes. The insects are then allowed to integrate into a community and mate with natural members of the population. The end result is fewer offspring and an overall reduction in the number of these biting pests. Biologically, this is what is known as a…

gene-drive(Gene Drive…)

If you want more information on this technique, you can read more about it here:
‘Gene drive’ mosquitoes engineered to fight malaria.

Early results have seemed promising, yet a major obstacle has been identified. While gene drives may be effective in the short term, researchers are learning they are probably not as useful as once believed. Instead of being a part of a winning strategy, they seem to be ending up being little more than a…

helmet-catch(Helmet catch…)

Granted, this moment was dazzling in display and helped the New York Giants defeat the Patriots. But it was also a fluke that could never be repeated. After all, Belichick returned to raise the trophy not long afterwards.

seattle(Sorry, Seattle…)

As to why gene drives don’t seem to be a long-lasting option, the answer appears to be something scientists always seem to be forgetting when they come up with these ideas. It’s even more unstoppable than Belichick and mosquitoes. We all know it and yet few ever seem to give it the credit it deserves. It’s known as…


It apparently abhors these types of interventions and will do all it can to mitigate them and render them useless. In the case of the mosquito, the introduced mutations are targeted and taken out in a variety of ways. Sometimes, the fully functioning gene is returned. In other cases, natural mutations in the drive can shut it down. Then there is a behavioural component whereby those with the gene drives may interfere with mate selection.

In all of these cases, the end result is the same. The mosquito population thrives and we end up having to once again face…

brady-belichick(A Winning Combination…)

While this discovery may mean gene drives could be going the way of the Rams, Eagles, Panthers, and Seahawks in the fight against mosquitoes, research is always working to find new answers. Sure, the discoveries may not be worthy of your New York Football Giants, but they may eventually offer up a means to keep these insects at bay and help us to improve public health worldwide.

Of course, to accomplish this, researchers will have to be given the resources they need. In addition, they have to be sure to be as sharp and keen eyed as…

(Yeah, yeah, I know it’s hawks…work with me here!)

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