To say the last few months have been busy would be an understatement. April and May were filled with events including keynotes, workshops and my usual “Germ Guy” performances. By the time I arrived home, there was only one thing I wanted to do…

(After I take my probiotics of course…)

But amid the chaos, I also took on a new task, which may seem a little odd at first. I decided it was time to start looking at how to communicate a very different type of science. Microbes and the immune system are fantastic but I wanted to delve into another facet of human existence…


This wasn’t a flight of fancy, mind you. It’s been on my mind for quite some time.

It all started a few years back when I was starting to write The Germ Files. I had been hoping to find a way to merge the worlds of microbiology and the brain. My goal at the time was to call the microbial population in all of us, “The Third Brain.” Unfortunately, when it came to making this concept – or if you wish to be accurate, conceit – work, one word came to mind…

(It simply did not work…)

Clearly, I needed to learn more before I could speak about the topic. The only issue with that, however, was a lack of time. I couldn’t afford to put in the effort needed to achieve the right level of understanding. I needed the time to read, read and read some more to gain an appreciation of neuroscience. Then I had to practice writing to effectively communicate.

I’ve been involved in this for about a year but the last few months have afforded me the chance to get comfortable with the topic. I’ve gained the right appreciation needed to go deep into the science and resurface with meaningful and enriching information for the public.

But now comes the hard part…

(Making it entertaining…)

As I continue on this journey, I may interrupt my regularly schedule germy posts with articles and other tidbits from the neuroscience world. If all goes well, you’ll have the same enjoyment factor as those dealing with microbes.

Of course, if I don’t meet your level of expectation, I hope you will let me know…

(Kindly if possible…)

In the meantime, I’ll be getting back to regular posting here on those microbiological and immunological papers and topics I find fascinating. I know it’s been quiet but hope you have not been too offended by the absence.

Oh, if you are looking to see how I have been translating neuroscience for the public, you can check out a compilation of articles I wrote over the last while here: CAN News. I’m sure you will find some of the stories fascinating at the scientific level and I hope personally engaging.