Last week on the pandemic SASScast, we touched on a subject making quite a few headlines these days…

(Climate Change…)

When you examine the definitions of a pandemic, you can see how climate change is akin to a worldwide scourge.

But getting people to believe in climate change, much like a pandemic, is not easy. You need more than data and statistics. You need to have reasons that impact your personal lives to be convinced.

This week, we focus on belief in climate change and what is being done to help convince people they should not only have credence in the phenomenon, but also get involved to help reduce the impact of the consequences.

We first start by examining one of the most incredible events that has occurred in our history. It involves the merger of two very different worlds. One is science. The other is…

(The Vatican…)

For hundreds of years, the two have not seen eye to eye but last year, the Vatican became a true believer in climate change and the effect of humanity on its progression. It all happened during the…

People, Health of Planet and Our Responsibility
Climate Change, Air Pollution and Health Workshop

For me, as a scientist, the existence of this event seems to contradict everything I’ve learned about the rift between science and religion. I needed to know more about how this came about and what happened.

Which is why I have on the show…

(Dr. Lise Van Susteren)

She’s a noted psychiatrist and a climate change expert. More importantly, she was at the Vatican during this workshop and she takes us into the room as the workshop occurred.

I was fascinated at what she told me and I am sure you will want to hear what happened and why now is the perfect time to, as she says, let bygones be bygones.

We also talk about how climate change may be affecting more than you think. There’s a good change the consequences may be having an effect on your…

(Mental health…)

Although this subject doesn’t get much media attention, in the scientific world, there is a growing interest in how everything from higher temperatures to the increasing display of disasters can affect us emotionally.

Thankfully, Dr. Van Susteren also happens to be an expert in this realm and we have a fascinating discussion on how the effects can impact each and every one of us. She also explains how we may be able to counter the internal problem by taking action at a local level in order to make a difference on a global scale.

In our SASS Class, we take a look at one of the most depressing consequences of climate change. We may be at risk of losing…


In a recent study, a group of researchers suggested that climate change may affect barley much like it has rice, corn, and wheat, leading to a lack of the main ingredient in this staple of human consumption.

Our guest teacher is one of the authors of that paper…

(Dr. Nathan Mueller…)

He takes us through the paper and also what we need to know about the future of this beloved beverage. He also explains how we may be able to help avoid the so-called, beer crunch in the future. Hint: It’s not a matter of hoarding the two-fours.

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Oh, and one more thing. This episode was inspired by a listener who asked me about how we can find a way to increase belief in climate change.

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