If you’ve ever surfed the web, you’ve no doubt heard about a technology that has been gaining momentum around the world. It’s known as…



It’s been around for a decade although it’s only gained any significant momentum over the last few years. It’s an ingenious concept that changes the way we do transactions as it combines transparency and security. The end result is one small package…or block…that is tied to others via a rather interesting component.


On this week’s SASScast, we dive into the topic of blockchain to give you an idea of what it is and its potential in the future.

In a word, it’s awesome.

We first talk with one of blockchain’s best explainers-in-chief…

(Olivia Lovenmark…)

She gives us an introduction to the technology and helps us understand how money fits into the equation. You might be familiar with the concept of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, but as you’ll hear, the reason for giving people a financial reward is less about getting people rich and more along the lines of…

(Dollars to donuts…)

The idea of becoming rich from blockchain, while seemingly enticing, isn’t realistic for the majority of people. Yet, that doesn’t mean blockchain isn’t going to be involved in our lives. To attain a better idea of how you and I can get into this realm, I am joined by a pioneer in achieving widespread adoption of this technology…

(Duane Conners…)

I met him at a conference a few months ago and he blew my mind with his vision. I simply had to have him on the show.

His idea isn’t to bring people to blockchain using money, but something known as incentivization. As the name implies, it’s all about giving people something for getting involved. When you listen to him, you’ll realize, the future is so bright…

(You get the idea…)

One of the most important areas for blockchain development is our health. Although we are inundated with recommendations on how to live better, sometimes, what we hear seems to make no sense. Imagine the study on alcohol that stated the only beneficial amount is none. Or a recent announcement from another study that proclaimed…

(Limburger fans rejoice!)

Figuring out how to avoid these unfortunate outcomes requires transparency as well as a secure environment to share information with others. Blockchain offers that and our next guest provides us with some insight into how the technology may revolutionize health…

(Brian Magiersky…)

He’s the co-founder and President of Nano Vision, which hopes to use blockchain to improve clinical trials and other areas of healthcare. You have to listen to where health is heading.

Finally, in our SASS Class, we reach out to a guest teacher from Singularity University…

(Anne Connelly)

She’s been a star in this world for years and an expert in an incredible way to use blockchain to improve our local and global world. It’s a completely different type of economy based not on money, but impact.

Whether the subject happens to be international development or a bartering system in Toronto, Anne provides us with a glimpse into how blockchain can make not just our lives but our world better.

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