I’ve been looking forward to this week’s show for some time.

As some of you may know, way back when, I was working in the world of diagnostics. I’ve been wanting to focus on this incredibly important aspect of human health for some time and now I have my chance.

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When it comes to diagnosis, there’s one person who exemplifies what it means to look for a disease no matter what the cost…

(It’s never Lupus…)

But while Gregory House of the television show, House M.D. might be the fictional go-to when it comes to health mysteries, in the real world, there is no one better than…

(Dr. Lisa Sanders)

Dr. Sanders is a clinical educator at Yale but she is better known as the person who has been bringing the world of diagnostics to the public for over 15 years. She has a regular column aptly called, “Diagnosis,” in the New York Times, and is the inspiration for House (although she is much…much nicer than the lead character).

While the whole interview is a blast, there is one part I hope you find interesting. I won’t give it away but here’s a hint…

(Not a real doctor…)

While diagnostics may be routine here in Canada and the United States, in many parts of the world, the access to such tests is limited. This can severely impact the medical profession and may lead to a troubling rise in many diseases. This got the attention of our next guest…

(Dr. Madhukar Pai)

He is a global health professor at McGill and specializes in tuberculosis. But he also has been a major force in raising attention to the need for better diagnosis around the world. His work over the years has helped to change one of the most influential organizations…

(You know WHO…)

His passion comes out in every word he speaks and you will gain a greater appreciation for the need  to have health for all people.

In our SASS Class, we take a closer look at the people in Canada who are responsible for making sure those diagnostic tests are done right. They are collectively known as…

(or MLPs…)

Our guest teacher is an MLP ambassador who strives to increase awareness of these valuable members of the healthcare profession…

(Krista Urchenko)

Listen as she takes us into the world of MLPs and reveals how their work, which may be behind the scenes, always stands out in front when it comes to keeping you well. You’ll also hear about LAB WEEK, which is a national celebration of MLPs in Canada.

I hope you enjoy this venture into the world I dearly cherish. Admittedly, I am a bit biased in how I see diagnostics but hope that you too will see the value after you have listened to the show.

As always, if you have an idea for an episode, let me know in the comments below or by sending me an Email at: thegermguy@gmail.com. I’ve been getting quite a few Emails and I am certain some of the ideas will end up being show topics in the future.