Jason “Germ Guy” Tetro has been in the scientific community for nearly 25 years.

Jason is also known as the “Germ Guy” where he promotes health and hygiene in the public.  He has over 8 hours of broadcast time and been featured internationally in print and social media as an expert in germs, their spread and how to prevent illness.  He has over 10 million individual views in the media and millions more online.

To speak to Jason’s natural ability for public speaking and explaining complex topics in plain language, Mr. Paul Lewis, President and General Manager of Discovery Channel, wrote the following in a recent email discussion:

“I took some time to review your video links and you are without doubt a terrific presenter of complex science information and extremely knowledgeable in the field. It’s always especially gratifying to hear from scientists who are interested in pursuing further a career in science communications. There just aren’t enough people like you to turn to in Canada – so I really appreciate where you are coming from.”

He was recently awarded an honorary doctorate in social media from the non-accredited Social Media University, associated with the Mayo Clinic, for his work in brokering scientific knowledge to the public and for his efforts in public engagement to develop and change science-based policy.

Highlights of Jason’s work with the media can be readily found online. A few are listed below:

Goodbye, Antibiotics (Article for the Toronto Star):

Top 5 Germ Concerns (Rogers Daytime):

Hand Hygiene (CTV)

Bathroom handles and the potential for infection (CTV)

The true value of hand sanitizers (CBC The National)

Discussion on H1N1 and taking questions

Listeria after the outbreak in 2008 (CTV)

Probiotics as a means to improve health (CTV)

Vaccination and the lack of a link with autism (CTV)

The H1N1 outbreak (Full 1 hour radio program)

Perhaps not so easy to find are a collection of Jason’s writings from 1999-2001 when he was a regular contributor to The Ottawa Citizen.  You can read these articles, many of which have nothing to do with germs, by clicking below.  For the record, they are not the original articles but aggregated from an academic database.  Still, the message remains clear.

Jason Tetro in The Ottawa Citizen, 1999-2001

While in those days, he was better known as The Sinister Perspective, a name that was once given to him by a former teacher, Jason has always found a way to take an idea, find something new about it and then tell a story that’s different, entertaining and thought-provoking.