Hello and welcome to my blog.

As you may know, from my official website – jasontetro.com – I’m the author of two books, The Germ Code (2013) and The Germ Files, released earlier this year.

TGF v5

If you haven’t picked it up yet, you can find it on store shelves everywhere in Canada and the United States. If you’re not in these countries and your bookseller won’t carry it, you can always find the book online here:



I’ve been busy touring over the last few months and it has been an incredible experience. I have met thousands of people and have heard the questions people have not only about microbiology but science in general.

I’ve also gained a new esteemed position in the community over this time. While being The Germ Guy is still my calling card, I’m now working with companies, organizations, and non-profits to communicate and advocate for science. I also have been asked to be a Visiting Scientist at the University of Guelph.

While germs continue to be my major focus, I am now writing about various areas of life and environmental science. The goals and my methods are still the same but the content about which I am writing will change. As part of this direction, I’ll be adding posts based on news stories, scientific articles, and other interesting tidbits. I probably will add my two cents in the process. They will be short but I hope will spark discussion and sharing so we can all spread the good scientific word.

I’ll also endeavor to keep you posted on my public schedule. While the official tour may be over, I will still be traveling the world talking about the book, science communication, and why we should all love the microbes.

I hope you enjoy the continuation of the Germ Guy blog and as always, if you have any comments, please feel to leave them below.